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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> he's all right. he's no howard bernstein. good morning, howard. >> let's just go to weather. we have shower out there north and west of town. we'll be dealing with them coming across the metro the next few hours. the morning features clouds and a few showers. the afternoon will feature sun and heat. it will be in the low 90s in many areas today. average high should be 83. yes, still very summer like out there. your day planner, we start with clouds. as i said a few showers. by noon 85. some sunshine coming back out. this afternoon it's sunny and hot, 88 by 3:00. high today i think will poke up to 92. maybe by 4:00, 4:30 and by 6:00 we'll be back in the mid- to upper 80s which just a stray storm possible later on. we are dealing with the storms this morning or showers this morning, excuse me, coming across the region. really seem spread out from pennsylvania all the way back into west virginia. locally we're seeing the activity generally north and west of washington. now really getting closer and closer crossing interstate 81 off to our south and west.
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a few showers just west of leesburg and down 81. we'll be dealing with this for the next few hours. monika samtani, showers moving in. the morning rush hour. that's not good. >> won't be a good combination. if you're heading out early, i think it's a great idea. right now things are looking really good around town. the beltway no issues. all of the major their row fairs for the most part -- thoroughfares for the most part are doing well as well. i-66 no delays to speak of yet. there had been a minor accident in haymarket and that's been cleared as well. let's take a live look inbound 66. volumes are light. roads are dry. let's go back over to the maps this time to the north side of town coming in from rockville, aspen hill, burtonsville, wheaton, bethesda, college park into silver spring on the beltway. all of that looking good. another live look outside. here's what it looks like 270 at route 121. this loads up quickly, though, a little later in the morning. i'll be back with more at 5:10. >> thank you, monika. president owe boom ma got
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his most pour -- obama got his most powerful endorsement yet. former president bill clinton enthralled the audience of delegates. >> he delivered an impassioned speech about why he believes president obama deserves a second term. kristin fisher has the highlights. she joins us live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. bill clinton was classic bill clinton last night. he ignored the teleprompter. he improvised lines and even though he shockingly took the stage early, he still ran late. he delivered a 48-minute long prime time speech. that's longer than his infamous convention keynote address back in 1998. but you know what? the delegates loved it. >> no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four
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years. when congressman ryan looked into that tv camera and attacked president obama's medicare savings as, quote, the biggest, coldest, power play, i didn't know whether to laugh or cry. because that $716 billion is exactly to the dollar the same amount of medicare savings that it takes some brass to attacking a guy for doing what you did. >> reporter: you've got to give clinton one thing regardless of your political affiliation. he sure knows how to give a speech. some the other speakers last night, big one in our area or from our area, maryland senator barbara mikulski and georgetown university law student sandra
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fluke. i'm have highlights from their speechness half an hour at 5:30. >> kristin fisher reporting from our satellite center. we'll have more from the night speeches last night. some of president obama supporters are upset about a change of setting for tonight's speech. he was supposed to deliver his speech from the bank of america stadium in charlotte. it's outdoors and holds about 70,000 people but there are storms in the forecast, worries over lightning so convention organizers have moved the president's speech indoors to the time warner cable arena but it only has 23,000 seats. so lots of disappointed people. fairfax county police say more charges are possible in an alleged pit bullfighting ring. officers seized puppies, adult dogs from a home in tipton lane in alexandria yesterday. they also carried out three treadmills out of the home as well as harnesses and heavy chains and other equipment. police say some of the dogs were taken out of padlocked cages and a suspected -- the suspected ring leader is currently charged with one
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count of being an unfit animal owner. police say the investigation is still continuing. fairfax county police say a beaver that attacked a swimmer had tested positive for the rabies virus. an 83-year-old woman was swimming in lake barkroft tuesday when the animal bit her several times. a couple of fishermen nearby killed the beaver with their boat paddles and pulled the woman to safety. she was taken to the hospital and is now recovering from her injuries. the first public hearing about proposed hikes on the dulles toll road takes place tonight. tonight's hearing is from 5:00 to 8:00 at stone bridge high school in ashburn. two more hearings are scheduled for next week. the proposal from the metropolitan washington airports authority calls for next year's rate to be $2.75. then $3.50 in 2014 with a final hike to $4.50 in 200015. the money would -- 2015. the money would help fund mit tre's sill -- metro's silver line. mwaa's changing its
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internal policies. it adopted new spending tips. annual audit released earlier this year found lavish spending by board members and questionable hiring practices. that led the u.s. trappings secretary, d.c.'s mayor and the governors of maryland and virginia to demand changes be made. it is 5:06. time for the latest your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. are we looking overseas? >> we are looking overseas yet again. we're not manifesting our own destiny. we're looking across the pond. that's why today wall street is going to be watching today's european central bank meeting. analysts are hopeful officials will announce a bond buying plan aimed at keeping interest rates low, boosting the debt ridden region. maybe good things will happen to us then. as for wall street, though, things were mixed after a profit warning from fed ex. checking the numbers the dow stands at 13,047, rose about 12 points, 11.5 in trading yesterday. nasdaq was down by almost 6. the s&p 500 lost about one and
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a half points. investors will be watching shares of amazon today because of this. the kindle. today we're expected to learn new details about a new one of these babies at a press event planned where we're going to learn more details about the kindle and the kindle fire. the rumors are the fire tablet will be lighter, thinner and have a higher resolution screen. the e-reader could also have an on board light. things are looking a tad better for facebook. the stock gained about 5% value yesterday after it was disclosed that c.e.o. mark zucker burke will not -- zuckerberg will not sell stock in the company for at least year. he holds about 5 million shares in options. the concern had been zuckerberg sells, that floods the market with additional shiers and prices would -- shares and prices would plummet. facebook stock is still trading at less than half of its value since its public offering in may. less than half.
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>> it's amazing people were jumping right on that. what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> changes at local airports and airlines that serve them that could hit you in the wallet. we'll talk about that at 5:35. >> thanks, jess. firefighters get help with one of the wild fires in california. that story is coming up. >> plus, hurricanisaac may be bringing back some unwanted memories from the 2010 gulf oil spill. >> ahead in sports, there was no nail biting for nats fans last night thanks to three home runs in less than five minutes. they are hot. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 5:10 on this thursday morning. keep the umbrellas handy. some showers coming through the metro late morning. the afternoon sunny and hotter. temperatures in the mid-80s to 90. slight chance after -- after thunderstorm this afternoon -- of a storm this afternoon. on the northbound side of 95 in springfield lanes are open heading from 644 to the beltway. construction along the west side should now be cleared up for the morning rush hour. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:17. back to you guys. making news now at 5:10, the cleanup is under way in costa rica after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake rocked the
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country. the tremor also destroyed homes and caused landslides which blocked several highways. it's the biggest quake to hit costa rica in at least 20 years. the rain is helping firefighters in california san gabriel mountains. there is another wildfire in the state that's growing called the complexifier near sacramento. the flames are in a rugged area so it's the helicopters that have to do much of the work to try to put this out. a red flag warning is issued there today as well. hurricane isaac may have turned up the remnants of the april 2010bb oil skull in the gulf of mexico. tar has washed up along a stretch of coast of louisiana. what are the greatest needs of young people in our community? there's a new report out today that addresses that question and we'll talk to the authors coming up at 5:39. the n.f.l. season kicks off with two of the redskins nfc east rivals.
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>> endure the heat today and we have a big break coming up soon. at 5:15, howard will tell you where it lands on the seven-day forecast.
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good morning. welcome to 9news now. 5:14 on this thursday morning. thursday sounds good because tomorrow is friday. maybe the forecast will be less muggy tomorrow. >> no, it won't, but it will be
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less muggy by sunday and monday and tuesday. it really looks fall like around here finally after a very long, hot summer which isn't quite over yet. highs today, tomorrow are going to top 90 degrees. we haven't done that enough this year. why don't we do it to more time. this morning we do have to watch out for some showers. the bus stop forecast talking about cloudy and muggy conditions. it's warm with a few showers out there. temperatures range from the low 70s and will be in the low 80s in the warm spots over the next couple of hours. sun is not rising until 6:42 this morning. we have a lot of darkness to get through before we get there. day planner calling for 77 degrees at 8:00. we may have a light shower or two still going on here. by noon i think most of the shower activity will have passed south and east of us. partly sunny, 85. this afternoon 88 at 4:00. i think the highs are really going to poke up 91, 92 degrees before the day is over with an 8:00 p.m. temperature of 83. if you have afternoon plans other than a stray thunderstorm, i think the
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morning is really going to be the issue for you with a few showers here. this stuff is generally light north and west of town. it's getting up into now frederick county, a few showers into loudoun county. we'll switch it over to just the dopplers because it really starts to pick up some of these showers now moving in. just on the west sides of leesburg. we'll come back southwest between sperryville and luray. heavier showers down toward syria, the shenandoah valley. southern maryland and the northern neck, we've seen a few showers not far from newland and reidville to the lower eastern shore. then east of easton, south of denton going into delaware we've got a few showers this morning. so that's what we're going to watch for you the next few hours. your temperatures are way up there, humidity as well. it's a beautiful muggy, tropical morning. 75 upper marlboro. 77 in arlington. fairfax is 64. even haymarket is sticky, 75 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather cam, cloudy skies but its the' not raining here in
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d.c. with a temperature of 79. a light south wind and humidity way up at 84%. here's the big picture. you see the showers we're looking at this morning from parts of northern new york state all the way down into eastern tennessee. so this is going to be coming across over the next few hours. then as you look at the futurecast, you can see behind it not much will be happening i think this afternoon. by midday still maybe a straggler after shower or two. the afternoon features more sunshine. potentially a stray storm but that's about it. tomorrow looks sunny and hot as well. by the way we're watching leslie. it could be near bermuda in a couple of days. maybe new foundland early next week. then we're watching michael which is now a major hurricane but that's not going to bother anybody. 92 today. mainly morning showers. tomorrow 92 after starting in the 70s again with a chance of an afternoon storm but pretty slim. saturday comes a front, 86 with afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. then sunday, monday and tuesday look fantastic with highs generally in the upper 70s. monika is in now with time be
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saver traffic. happy to say right now at 5:17 in the morning things look great. you're beginning to see some volume especially as you approach the beltway on the major thoroughfares but other than that, things actually look really good coming out from columbia, laurel on 95 and the bw parkway. everybody is fine down to the beltway. let's take a live look at college park and see what it looks like here. no problems at route 1 as you head around the bend toward 95 and silver spring in bethesda you're going to be final. back over to the maps this time 270 out of frederick. no issues. all lanes are open on 270 all the way down into clarksburg. a live look outside one more time at 121. lanes are open and pace is good. we'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic at 5:24. andrea and mike? >> thank you. the nationals showed no mercy to one of the league's worst teams. >> the bats were hot last night. rg3 is getting ready for his regular season debut against andrea's team this sunday. >> 62% of employees say they
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would work harder if their employer provided this. is it a, a christmas bonus, b, an extra week off per year, or c, workplace incentives such as a free lunch? >> our facebook friend wrote, i'm going with c, workplace incentives. employees really just want to see a little extra appreciation. it would be even better if i could get all three. >> log on to our facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in the 6:00 hour. ♪
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your weather first. we have leslie south of bermuda. mike in the middle of the atlantic, category 3 storm, first one of the year, but leslie with 75 mile an hour winds not moving much now. just east of bermuda and maybe up toward new foundland in the future. for us, well, we're looking at some showers this morning. by midday we should see some improving conditions. this afternoon sunny and hot. 87 by 5:00. i think the highests -- the highs could make it into the lower 90s. >> thank you, howard. the first game of the n.f.l. season is in the books. >> the nationals sent even more balls into the stands during last night's game. dave owens has highlights in your morning sports. good morning, everybody. are the cubs really this bad? probably. a glance at the standings will show you that. still what washington is doing to the north siders is pretty impressive. if baseball had a criminal
5:23 am
code, it this would be assault. the nats landing large numbers on the cubs. gio looking for a career high 18th win last night. how much help did he get? that much and that much. bryce harper with two bombs. that was all that goal dison les would -- gonzalez would need. for the second straight night the nats' six home run, they win 9-1 over the cubs. some football now. rg3 says he's ready for the big game against the saints. he says his preparation has guided him and he trusts them. griffin ain't vanilla and the offense can't afford to be on sunday. rg3 says he's looking forward to opening it up. we shall see. last night n.f.l. season opener, good stuff, cowboys at the giants. this was a defensive struggle in the first half. then eli in the second half. baring down on cowboy defense.
5:24 am
handed to bradshaw who has legs and knows how to use them. that capped a nine-play, # 9- yard -- 89-yard drive. tony romo was a beast. first and 30, no problem. dallas wins the game 24-17. n.f.l. football is here. that's a quick look at sports. have a great thursday, everybody. one of the major airlines hiking prices. we'll tell you which one next. >> plus, president clinton makes an impassioned plea to americans to reelect president obama. at 5:24 here's monika. >> on the northbound side of 395 still nice and quiet. good time to head out while the roads are drive. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. this country was built by working people.
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good morning.
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women come back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. it's thursday. that means friday is almost here here. good morning, monika. >> you had another coffee today, didn't you? >> i have another one in the microwave. >> let's go to howard with the forecast. grab an umbrella before you head out. we have some showers. they'll be coming through the next few hours. the afternoon, you'll want to peel it off because we'll make it into the 90-degree, maybe low 90s for highs. another hot, sticky day ahead. we start with clouds and showers in spots. by lunch time sun starts to return, especially north and west. this afternoon will be sunny and hot, high 92. 5:00 temperature 89 degrees. right now we sit at 79. you can watch this area of rain that's been coming out of west virginia into virginia. some of it up in pennsylvania now. it's kind of scattered about, north and west of town. let's show you this on the doppler radars.
5:29 am
we've got the showers. this stuff is pretty light. not a lot of it reaching the ground north and west of town but as we switch it over and look closer in, we see the heavier showers toward sperryville out of luray, the shenandoah valley, harrisonburg. all of this is moving toward the north and the east. this will head toward fauquier county, loudoun county and the metro the next few hours. the southern neck, southern st. mary's county and on the eastern shore east of east tony, that's all pulling north and east. temps another story. another warm, sticky morning. it's 79 on the bay. the cool spots are in the low 70s. we're also sitting at a balmy 79. let's check in with monika samtani and see how the commute is doing. it's doing great. i'm happy to say that everything out from the west looks great. no prlems as you come in from sterling or centreville to fairfax. really no big delays yet. just a little bit out of manassas but you're used to that this time of the morning. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first.
5:30 am
here it is at canal road and fox hill ad. coming into the district, you'll be absolutely fine. no problems to report in the downtown area as well. back over to the maps, this time taking a look at the beltway and then we're going to take a look at the north side of town. no issues on 270 or i-95. a quick look one more time outside here at the american legion bridge on the west side. traffic moving well here. back at 5:38 with more. >> all right, monika, thank you. how about this? it's nice to have a former president go to bat for you. that's exactly what happened last night at the democratic national convention. >> especially if that former president is bill clinton. he made a forceful speech denouncing denouncing republican policies but the speech itself is what a lot of people are talking about. kristin fisher is live in our satellite center. you said even you had trouble picking sound bites. >> reporter: i did. there were so many good sound bites and bill clinton was by
5:31 am
far a great speaker. he delivered a 48-minute long passionate defense of his policies. one thing he did not talk about was women's rights issues like abortion and discrimination. he left that to speaker like maryland senator barbara mikulski and sandra fluke, the georgetown university law student who was shut out of the congressional hearing on contraceptions just earlier this year. >> during this campaign we've heard about two profoundly different futures that could await women in this awn and how one of those futures looks like an offensive, obsolete relic of our past. >> those republicans in the senate tried to block our efforts to go further and end discrimination once and for all. but hey, we of the senate with president obama by our side, we're going to keep fighting.
5:32 am
our shoulders flared, our -- [indiscernible] -- because you deserve equal pay for your hard work. >> reporter: democrats clearly voting women voters. there was one very surprising, unscripted moment, a rare thing at modern political conventions. the democrats actually struggled to complete a very regular voice vote amending their party platform to include language referring to god and to jerusalem as israel's capital. it was a very unusual display of dissent at a party's convention but of course they had bill clinton to bring everybody back together and he did just that. i'll have highlights from his speech coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, kristin. see you in aity bit. the -- see you in a bit. the advice presidential candidate paul ryan -- vice presidential candidate paul ryan in colorado springs.
5:33 am
he's holding a rally there later today. the g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney took a break from his preparation for the debates. the man accused of killing his elderly wife at their georgetown home is due in court. 48-year-old albrecht muth understands the legal process and could be declared competent to stand time. he's accused of beating and strangling his 91-year-old wife viola drath last summer. she was a former journalist and socialite. muth was an army general and recently went on a hunger strike. officials are doing aerial mosquito spraying with hopes of fighting the west nile virus. it's scheduled to start in parts of baltimore. next week it will be anne arundel county. the center for disease control
5:34 am
reports the number of cases has gone up 25% in just the last week. 87 people have died from the infection this year, including one person in maryland. the cdc recommends using insect repellent. you can remove standing water by your home to remove breeding sites. it's going to cost more if you want to fly one airline. >> we're talking about delta airlines. it's announced it's raised fares on many u.s. flights by up to $10 per round trip blaming higher fuel price. you know how this one goes. other airlines are watching and they may match this price hike. united airlines has already come out and said it's going to raise its prices too but this could all come down to southwest. southwest, believe it or not, carries more passengers within the u.s. than any other airline. and if it goes along -- and if it refuses to go along with the price hike, other airlines may roll back their prices as well.
5:35 am
the met poll washington airports authority -- metropolitan washington airports authority proposes a change. and more choices for local flyers. spirit airlines is kicking off service to ft. lauderdale and the dallas fort worth area. as part of the move, spirit is relocating its operations from reagan to bwi. flights start at 88 bucks round trip to dallas. $77 for ft. lauderdale. southwest currently carries more than half of all passengers to bwi and offers multiple nonstop from baltimore to florida flights. spirit carries you for carry-on bags. so it's a low flight price but then you have all the addons. you've got to keep that in mind. >> just ship yourself. >> it's not even fine print. just blatant out there. >> just wear your bathing suit.
5:36 am
national zoo getting some cash for panda cam. details coming up. >> plus, police catch up to a small alligator but this doesn't happen in florida. it was much closer to home. we'll show you that when we come back. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new.
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welcome back. your weather first. i want to share this picture with you. paul, one of our chief photographers is out there thorn. look at this shot he's framed up for us. he's at rlingson. you have d.c. -- arlington. you have d.c. in the backgrounds. a beautiful shot. also a sign of some of the mugginess that's around with a little bit of haze. thanks, paul, for that. i do want to get you that day planner. we have some showers west of town. here's a look at our michael & son weather camera. we have a couple of showers that will be coming through the morning hours. then this afternoon we'll turn sunny and hot. high temperatures make a run toward the 90-degree mark. if not the low 90s this afternoon as winds go south at
5:39 am
5 to 10. slight chance we'll see a thunderstorm later on but that's only about 20%. looks like the better chance of showers this morning. i'm have the seven-day forecast with big changes by sunday in a few minutes. right now here's monika samtani. >> what a beautiful capital city we live in. that's awesome. if you plan to head southbound on 270, not so pretty. delays out of frederick at route 85 down to 109 before the pace improves. i'll have more on traffic coming up at 5:48. we've been going through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites and finding you deep discounts. here are some favorites for this friday, pre-friday we call it here. if you're still looking for a laptop for school, you'll won't to check out best buy's deal of the day. right now you can get a toshiba satellite laptop with a 10.6- inch screen, two gigs of memory, all for $269.99 and free shipping. there are a limited number of these laptops available. >> in honor of the start of
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football season, you can get n.f.l. team branded ear bug head phones for ten bucks, normally $30 so you're saving # 6% off the -- 66% off the normal price and shipping cost is included. this is through tipr. want to take the skies on your own? you can take some flying lessons. atc flight training center is offering them for $145. for this price you're getting two one-hour flight lessons. normally this would set you back about $378. limited quantities available also. this deal is available on groupon. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from ow facebook. >> thank you, jess. the national zoo has received a $400,000 grant from the ford motor company. and it's to study the health of giant pandas. some of that money will also be used to upgrade the zoo's panda cams. that means it will be easier for us to watch mei xiang online. a lot of eyes or mei xiang
5:41 am
right now. zoo veterinarians say there is a chance she may be pregnant. well, there's no strange sing when we're talking about maryland marine life on the eastern shore. but talk about strange, people were surprised to discover that wildlife included an alligator. there it is in the grass right there. people were like whoa. page dorsey got the first known photo of it. she said police didn't believe her when she said there was a reptile hanging around a construction site. but when officers got there, there was. >> it was pretty evasive. we just got lucky to get it. >> depends on how you define luck. after wrangling, the officers got the alligator into custody and a local animal control office is trying to find a new home for it. it's scary. >> it is. >> 5:41. a report outlining ways to better help children around washington comes out later today. one of its authors joins us in just a few minutes. >> some daring robbers use a
5:42 am
fake bomb to make a bank manager follow orders. >> it is 5:42. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. she was one of saturday night live's first funny ladies. jane curtin is 65. former hewlett-packard c.e.o. carly fiorina is 58. chris christie is 50. and rosie perez is 48. pip ai middleton is 29 -- pipa middleton is 29. if it's your birthday, happy birthday. only six degrees separate the body temperature
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:45. looking forward to the weekend, emily sunday but we've got to get through today's muggies and maybe a thunderstorm. >> there's a couple of little thunderstorms now. there may abstray one later
5:46 am
today -- be a stray one later today and tomorrow. saturday will be the activity day. sunday much nicer. much, much nicer. you're going to feel it. we'll have a lot of windows opening up by the time we get to sunday night, tuesday night. it will feel a lot better. we still have the sticky air mass outside. it's going to be a hot, humid day. we start with the bus stop forecast because we do have a few showers out there. some of those even contain a little bit of lightning and thunder. it's as i said warm and muggy, temps running in the 70s, even low 80s at the bus stop over the next couple of hours as the sun rises in just about an hour from now. day planner featuring more clouds this morning with the scattered showers. by lunch time i'm expecting some sunshine to start working its way in from northwest to southeast. this afternoon will be sunny, hot, humid, south winds 5 to 10. 88 at 4:00. this might be 90ish by 4:00. i think the high will get to 92. then 83 at about 8:00 tonight with partly cloudy skies. in fact, some breaks in the overcast here in d.c. but north and west of town and southwest of town, we've been seeing some
5:47 am
showers around this morning. pretty light stuff up here. not sure how much of this is reaching the ground as you get toward frederick and hagerstown. south and west we're seeing some. there's a little shower trying to get in. tough to tell with the ground clutter in northern prince william county. as you get into happen han knock county -- rapahannock county, we have moderate showers. down toward the shenandoah valley down to harrisonburg, heavier showers there. southern maryland into the bay, now we've got a little lightning and thunder from ridge toward webster field and over on the eastern shore. up toward denton. lightning over in delaware and even around queens town here as you're going up into the eastern shore we've seen some light showers as well. so some scattered showers this morning. temperatures way up in the 70s. in fact, we're almost 80 in downtown and also down in southern maryland with 72 winchester and luray and culpeper as well. charlie in catlett by the way half an inch of rain. once again we take your michael & son weather cam, courtesy of
5:48 am
pull lester in arlington this morning. our ace photographer on the job. it's a beautiful shot. 79 at reagan national with cloudy skies. we've got east, northeast winds at 8 miles an hour and humidity way up there, 83%. so we're looking at this area of rain right now. this will be coming through generally this morning. so the afternoon is going to be a sunny and hot afternoon with just a slight chance of a thunderstorm. then that strong front is going to come through saturday. so green, even though we have a few showers this morning, i think generally a good day today and tomorrow. just a stray afternoon storm, hot, 92 both days. tonight we're back in the low to mid-70s in town. maybe a few upper 60s. saturday watch out. showers and storms likely in the afternoon and evening with that cold front, 86. but behind that front, we turn fantastic. 79. great monday. tuesday still looks good with a high right around 80. it's 5:48. here's monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> thank you so much, howard. i'm jealous. i want that shot, too, from
5:49 am
paul lester. it's just so beautiful. if you're heading into the downtown area, there we go. thank you. in rosslyn, constitution avenue, pennsylvania avenue, they're all final. i love that shot. thanks, paul. if you're planning to head around the beltway, not bad at all. things are looking good. incident free, even on the bw parkway on route 50 and cheverly. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are fine. we'll go over to a live shot and show you what it looks like outside in college park. you'll see a bit of volume forming not at route 1 but more like 95 interchange heading for university boulevard. now back over to the maps. this time we'll head over to the other side of town. if you're planning to head in from southern maryland, route 4, route 5, 301, andrews air force base, oxon hill, everything is fine. a live look once more northbound 95 slowing down in quantico, dumfries and springfield. i'll be back with more coming up in a few minutes. nice shot. back to you guys. later today, we'll get a unique look at solutions our entire region can use to solve challenges facing our children. with a preview, we're joined
5:50 am
this morning by carol thompson cole, the c.e.o. of adventure philanthropy partners, the group behind this report. good to have you with us. in 2011, the children's defense fund found the status of the nation's children as a whole was dire. your report focuses specifically on the washington metro area. how would you describe the status of our children? >> the status of our children is that they're in crisis. when you look across this region, the number one issue is poverty. we see the continued poverty in the district of columbia and increasing poverty in all of our suburban jurisdictions. while the percentage may be small, we've seen a doubling and tripling of the poverty rate in suburbs, montgomery county, alexandria, arlington. so all of our children need our full attention. >> and the economy as bad as it has been isn't helping this poverty issue at all for the young people. >> it's not making it any better. and our view is that we need as much data as we can get so that
5:51 am
we can use it for effective use of all of our resources. it's important that we now look at this from a regional lens and really align our actions across the region to improve life opportunities for all of our children. >> besides poverty which we would see as a problem for our children, you also look at immigration. that seems to be even more of a problem as our population nationwide changes. >> yes. in this region our population is diversifying significantly. if you look at our report, you'll see that many of our young people have at least one immigrant parent, and that is more in the suburbs than in the district of columbia. but we still have 20% of our young people that are immigrants in the district of columbia. but also many of these young people actually were born in this region. and so one of the major issues is that these young people are not english proficient which really puts significant challenges on the suburb --
5:52 am
suburban and district schools. >> you've laid outed issues. -- out the issues. what are the solutions your organization has spent millions of dollars working to improve these areas of poverty and education? it sounds like it's not just money. what is going to be the way to fix this and why should people who don't fall in those vulnerable areas care? >> we're using this report as a call to action for all leaders throughout this community. many of us have been working hard on these issues, and we have had improvements but we need many more improvements. and so this is a call to action for government business, philanthropy and nonprofits to work together to improve opportunities for all of our young people, particularly those vul feacial. >> you -- vulnerable. >> we talked about shared responsibility. we all should care about this. >> we all must care. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. police in los angeles are investigating an unusual bank
5:53 am
heist. two masked men snatched a bank manager from her home and strapped what they told her was a bomb across her chest. at the bank the robbers avoided security cameras and had the manager throw the money out the back door. investigators say the device was not a bomb. a study in the journal of neurology shows that more n.f.l. former players are three times more likely to die from brain disorders like alzheimer's or lou gehrig's disease than the general population. however, the researchers stopped short of concluding that head injuries on the field are the cause of this increased risk. the federal court has rejected a final challenge to the papers please part of arizona's immigration law. it allows officers to inquire about immigration status if they believe they're in the u.s. illegally. governor jan brewer says it's part of the law that could be put into practice in the next few weeks. we want to take another look at our question of the
5:54 am
morning. 62% of employees say they would work harder if their employer provided this. is it a, a christmas bonus, b, an extra week off per year, or c, workplace incentives such as free lunch? >> our facebook friend rita maria wrote, a, since my first day is a month after christmas, that's the one i'm choosing. >> log on to the facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. former president bill clinton makes an impassioned plea to americans to reelect president barack obama. >> one town it adding its own special touch to the do not call list. >> are you doing better right now financially than you were, say, four years ago? we'll some answers to that question coming up at 6:07. you're watching 9news now.
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5:56 am
5:57 am
you may have jumped at the chance to put your name on a do not call list. >> now one ohio town is trying to have its own version of trying to deal with unwanted solicitors and scam artists. this is called the do not not call list. this 92-year-old is leery of those who come knocking at hits home. >> out my kitchen window i put two car mirrors, one on each side. that way i can see who's in my yard. >> reporter: he's ready to sign up for the city's new do not knock list which make it is
5:58 am
criminal for solicitors to come to the doors of those who sign up. >> we live in a crazy society and don't know who's at our door. >> reporter: hundreds of residents have already added their name to the list hoping to stop scammers from even stepping foot on their property. >> someone at my door is a telemarketer and i don't do business over the phone and i certainly wouldn't do business at my home unsolicited. you're also setting yourself up to personal danger. >> reporter: most other cities in the county require a solicitor permit but the mayor says it's difficult to enforce those so this list will be distributed to anyone found trying to sell something door to door. >> we think what we've done with this is we've balanced the issues of somebody who wants to advice tat is still -- solicit is still able to but we preserve the safety and welfare of our neighborhoods. once the person has a copy of the list and knows that the owner of this home does not wish you to enter their property, if you do, there can and will be a charge of
5:59 am
criminal trespass. >> there are some exceptions to this do not knock list. they include religious groups, politicians, girl scouts and school fund-raisers. >> interesting. >> very interesting. >> do not knock. i keep putting my name on the do not call list and it's not working. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. we're hard at work for you. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. good morning, monika samtani. traffic momentarily. >> howard bernstein right now with our weather first. unavailable numbers, i don't answer them. real simple. we've got some showers out there this morning, especially west and southwest of town. got a couple on the eastern shore as well. the afternoon looks better but looks like another hot, humid day. fall is close, though. fall is close. another great picture we're sharing from paul leicester, our photographer. a beautiful picture of the iwo jima memorial and d.c. in the background. you notice the clouds as


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